In June 2007 Blackfoot Mystery had his career debut coming in last place during a claiming contest at Hollywood Park. Unfortunately his racing career did not take off: he put in the “best” performance of his brief career, finishing sixth of nine less than a month later. But even though Blackfoot Mystery's racing dream had ended, TBRC's founder, Leigh Gray, saw potential. “Blackfoot Mystery was sound, had no injuries, and his disposition was very laid back,” said Gray.

Quickly assessing that this horse would be great for three-day eventing, TBRC reached out to eventer Lisa Peecook to continue his training, with Kelly Prather taking the reins and moving Blackfoot Mystery to the East Coast. And once Boyd Martin saw the ex-racehorse competing and winning events, the road to the 2016 Olympics seemed almost destined.

TBRC and it's founder believe in the horses - “Off-track Thoroughbreds can do many things, and Blackfoot Mystery is a shining example of that. The Thoroughbred has been bred for hundreds of years to be an athlete. These traits give the horses drive and determination to do the tasks we ask them to perform. They are good at so many disciplines, not just racing.”